Fundraising Activities

Profits made  from these activities fund our community projects and scholarships.

  • November Garage Sale
  • Dimes for Pines – Members donate their spare change at each meeting to buy trees for reforestation in a state forest of their choice.
  • Basket/ Raffle – A gift basket assembled or a plant prepared by the Ways and Means Committee is raffled at each meeting.

Holiday Donations

Members donate to the residents of “My Sister’s Place”.  This facility provides temporary shelter to battered women and their children. Gift certificates are also given to these mothers to provide them an opportunity to select personal gifts that they can present to their children.

Horticulture Therapy

In partnership with a local assisted care facility members provide flower arranging materials and companionship while residents arrange their floral bouquets.

McCrosky House, Tumbleweed Park, Chandler, AZ

McCrosky House is a 1917 Sears kit home located in Tumbleweed Park. Weeders’ members have installed a watering system, a bench and arbor covered with Banksia roses vines, various trees, and foundation plants. On-going planting and maintenance of this garden is done by our members. This project benefits the local community by maintaining some of its heritage as new developments take over surrounding areas. This project also educates by demonstrating gardening methods used in the area in the mid 1900s and shows how to utilize similar plantings in their own gardens.

Master Gardener Scholarships

The club provides scholarships to members who participate and complete the Master Gardener training program. This enhances our club’s effectiveness in working in the community on garden outreach programs.

Pattie at Arbor Day

Pattie at Arbor Day

Other Donations

The Club provides yearly monetary support for these activities:

  • Arbor Day
  • AFGC Scholarships
  • Funding of State Life Memberships and Flower Show Schools