The Weeders Garden Club, organized and federated in 1955, meets monthly to learn from informative speakers on all aspects of gardening. We also enjoy field trips to interesting places in the Valley. Whether you are new to garden clubs or have spent your life interested in growing things, we welcome you into our group and look forward to sharing gardening experiences with you.

Our meetings are the second Thursday of every month from September through May in The Navajo Room at Sun Lakes Country Club, 25601 S. Sun Lakes Boulevard, Sun Lakes, Arizona. Social time begins at 9:30 AM, meetings start at 10:00 AM. Please join us for learning and making friends.

What We Do:

  • Promote love and knowledge of gardening through our monthly meetings guest speakers, and variety of field trips and outings.
  • Partner with a wide range of local, state, and national organizations to support and actively participate in community projects.
  • Emphasize good conservation practices including wise water use in planning community projects and our own landscapes.
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    A member’s garden in bloom.

    Promote the use of appropriate plants as a high priority, such that neither rare nor invasive species are used in plantings or designs

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